Fill Whips


I first made my own fill whip when I decided to begin blending my own gases for diving. I took a blending course and saw the equipment being used to mix gas and knew I could build something better, and I did. My first fill whip was just a basic unit with an analog 4000psi gauge and one end CGA 540 fitting for commercial oxygen bottles and the other end a scuba DIN end. It worked great, I added an adaptor from Oxy to HE so I could blend trimix and fill my argon bottles. Later adding a needle valve to make working with Oxygen a bit safer, I soon had a kit that needed a carrying case. Then, I thought, while mixing gas, what this system needs is quick disconnects to make switching between supply cylinders a bit faster, at the same time I discovered handwheels and digital gauges and soon the full meal deal was born.


The deluxe kit starts with a Stainless Steel braided PTFE oxygen compatible and clean HP hose. On one end we put a female QD (quick disconnect) this is the fill from line. On the other end we place a HP tee where the gauge can thread on, a check valve to prevent mixes from traveling up the line into supply tanks, we want them to remain pure, next is the scuba DIN fitting with bleed valve. See PRICING below for more details on kits.

This is the supply end of the deluxe kit, pick your adaptor below.


Fittings that plug into the QD are as follows:

Handwheel with needle valve and commercial oxygen fitting.



Handwheel with Inert gas fitting. Fits Helium, Argon and Nitrogen commercial cylinders.


Scuba DIN fitting. Allows filling from one scuba tank to another.


02 to Inert gas fitting. Allows basic kit to include Inert gases HE/Argon.


Extension lines. Standard 12 feet long PTFE SS lines with QDs allowing transfilling of tanks up to 19 feet from supply cylinders.



Gauge options



Standard 3 or 4 analog gauge to 3000psi.



Optional PSI Tronix 5000psi digital readout battery operated gauge


The scuba end of the system. From right to left, checkvalve, Tee and gauge, scuba DIN end with bleeder.


We also make fill whips for medical, aviation, or first aid oxygen cylinders. On one end is the fitting you see here, the other end has a wrench attached cga-540 fitting and needle valve. Handwheel fitting and gauge

come in the deluxe kit.


Parts required to Upgrade to NanoBooster use.





This kit comes with the basic whip, 7 foot PTFE lined SS braided hose, 3 or 4 inch analog gauge to 3000 psi, Check valve, needle valve, wrench attached CGA fittings, wrench attached Oxygen-Inert adaptor, and scuba DIN filler end. This kit will allow blending of nitrox, trimix or transfilling of argon. It will not transfill from scuba DIN to scuba DIN.

Cost $229.45



As above but with a battery operated digital gauge to 5000psi max.

Cost $579.45



This kit comes with the quick disconnect whip, 7 foot PTFE lined SS braided hose, 3 or 4 inch analog gauge to 3000 psi max, check valve, 1 handwheel attached oxygen CGA fitting-QD with needle valve, 1 handwheel attached inert CGA fitting-QD, 1 DIN filler with bleed valve-QD, and a foam lined carrying case. This kit will allow blending of nitrox, trimix, transfilling of argon, and scuba DIN to DIN transfilling, with the added advantage of handwheels, no wrenchs to carry around and super quick attachments to tanks.

Cost $418.



As above but with a battery operated digital gauge to 5000psi max.

Cost $748.48



This whip comes with a 7 foot PTFE lined SS braided hose, wrench attached CGA fitting, needle valve and medical O2 yoke end. No gauge.

Cost $176.50



This whip comes with a 7 foot PTFE lined SS braided hose, handwheel attached CGA fitting, needle valve, analog gauge to 3000 psi max and medical O2 yoke end.

Cost $224.95



This is used with the Deluxe fill whip kit (not medical) and will add another 12 feet to your length for when your supply cylinders are farther away, same PTFE SS braided hose with QD ends.

Cost $87.32


NanoBooster UPGRADE

These are the parts necessary to incorporate the NanoBooster into the Deluxe fill whip kit. This includes a 7 foot extension hose and the Male and Female QDs that thread into the NanoBooster.

Cost $115.00



the digital gauge in action The filler end with handwheel and QD on a HE tank.



The deluxe kit with digital gauge. Close up of the QD attachment and handwheel.


The deluxe whip with analog gauge doing an argon fill.



Ordering information.

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Please check out my fill whip information page for some blending tips and warnings. Fill Whip Info Page